The Academy has established a well equipped Library with all relevant text books and journals from the oldest to the latest for ready reference. Since July 1991 the Academy has started gathering and securing the books, some valuable old books from A.P.High Court and some by purchasing from the publishers and book-sellers. The Academy thus gathered Halsbury’s Law, second edition, Corpus Jurists which are important among the old books apart from the old journals like Indian Cases and Madras Law Journal. Thereafter the Academy started contributing to various Law Journals, which are monthly, fortnightly, weekly, and daily too and they are thus:

1. All India Reporter
2. All England Law Reports
3. All India High Court’s Cases
4. Accidents Claims Journal
5. Arbitration Law Reporter
6. Criminal Law Journal
7. Crimes
8. Criminal Law Reporter
9. Current Criminal Reporter
10. Current Civil Cases
11. Current Central Legislation
12. Consumer Protection Judgement
13. Consumer Protection Reporter
14. Divorce and Matrimonial Cases
15. Indian Civil Cases
16. Judgement Today
17. Kerala Law Times
18. Labour Law Reporter
19. Labour Law Journal
20. Principles of Veda and our Nation’s Laws
21. Supreme Court Cases
22. Supreme Court Cases (Crl.)
23. Service Law Reporter
24. Supreme Today
25. The Lawyers Collective
26. Labour & Industrial Cases
27. Supreme Court Journal

Among the Local Reports the notable are :
1. Andhra Law Times
2. Andhra Law Times (Crl.)
3. Andhra Law Times (Revenue)
4 Andhra Law Times (Supplement)
5. Andhra Legal Decisions
6. Andhra Legal Decisions (Crl.)
7. Andhra Weekly Reporter
8. Judicial Index (APHC)
9. Law Summary
10. Udyoga Kranthi

News Papers:
1. Deccan Chronicle
2. The Times of India
3. The New Indian Express
4. The Hindu
5. Business Line

Hindi :
6. Swathantra Vartha

Telugu :
7. Andhra Prabha
8. Eenadu
9. Vaartha

Magazines :
1. The Week
2. India Today
3. Span
4. Longevity and Health
5. Udyoga Kranti
6. Reader’s Digest

The Library has also important text books and commentaries on various Civil, Criminal, Labour, Tax, Revenue, administrative and other relevant subjects written by famous and celebrated authors. The United States Information Service at Madras forwarded some valuable books on American Justice System. The Academy has also acquired various manuals, containing Central and State Laws and the Digests. The Library of the Academy is now full-fledged and sufficient to carry on any research work even. The Academy is eager and anxious to secure U.S.Supreme Court Cases and some more important books in the field of law. The Library has also various other books on the general subjects and the subjects of contemporary relevance.